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Research and Development

your own brand skin care

Our in-house resources, tailoring capabilities and flexible structure equip us to offer you unmatched services. Whether it's bulk packaging or customizing a specific preparation for your market niche, you can expect the perfect answer - on time and on-budget.


Our services include:


*In-house product development including collaboration with             leading research institutions


*Salon products for specific hair types and climatic conditions


*Cosmetic products based on active Dead Sea minerals


*Cosmetic products based on natural plant oils and essences


*Treatment products for dandruff


*Hair hygiene products for treatment of lice and other complaints

Cremas y sales del mar Muerto

Barro y sales del mar Muerto

Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Salt

EronMil - Mar Muerto: 100% Cosmética Natural, 100% Mar Muerto                                     By Dead Sea Minerals

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