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Dead Sea Mineral
Cosmetic Products

The Dead Sea, located at the lowest point on earth, was famous even in the times of Elijah the Prophet.Acclaimed for thousands of years for its remarkable powers, the Dead Sea is a unique source of health and beauty. Concealed in its depths are dense concentrations of minerals that have accumulated over millions of years. Richer than any other natural source in the world, the Dead Sea's mineral diversity includes huge amounts of potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and chloride. Since ancient times the fame of the Dead Sea has attracted streams of visitors from every point of the compass. All have benefited from its health-giving properties and beautifying effects on the skin.

ERON MIL Offer Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt in Bulk. Dead Sea Bath Salt, Dead Sea Peeling Salt

Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Face Mud Mask

Sophisticated technology and today’s most advanced cosmetic science.

Packaging and Filling Solution for Cosmetics

dead sea skin cream peeling

Dead Sea Care cosmetic tratments 

Cremas y sales del mar Muerto

Barro y sales del mar Muerto

Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Salt

EronMil - Mar Muerto: 100% Cosmética Natural, 100% Mar Muerto                                     By Dead Sea Minerals

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