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Dead Sea Mineral Black Mud Line

black mud treatment

Contains all of the minerals from the depths of the Dead Sea.  The use of the mineral mud is beneficial for a deep cleansing of the skin; this eliminates the dead skin cells completely, improves the absorption of moisture and leaves the skin healthy and fresh. This wonder of Nature reduces muscles tension, relieves rheumatism pain and fights against cellulite.

dead sea mud with chocolate body care
Dead Sea Mud with Chocolate

The Dead Sea mud added to the properties of Cocoa produces a calming effect and a feeling of well being and relaxation. A relaxing bath with the feeling of a natural spa, rich in minerals with its Cocoa scent. 

Strengthens the body, revitalizes skin tissue and helps against problems such as acne, psoriasis, rheumatism, arthritis, breathing and cardiovascular illnesses

dead sea mud mask aloe vera

Face mud mask with Aloe vera

Based on natural mud, cleans and purifies the skin. Balances the oil level of the skin and closes the pores. Absorbs and reduces inflammation and red blotches on the skin, leaving a fresh complexion. It also prevents aging and diminishes wrinkles.

mud mask haircare
Mud Hair Care

Luxurious hair treatment with double action:

Takes care of the hair and gives strength to the scalp.

Enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea.

Contains aloe Vera, jojoba oil and vitamins.

Cremas y sales del mar Muerto

Barro y sales del mar Muerto

Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Salt

EronMil - Mar Muerto: 100% Cosmética Natural, 100% Mar Muerto                                     By Dead Sea Minerals

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